During the installation/relocation of the 8” water main the GC failed to deliver on the installation if the required concert thrust blocks. Your team knew of this in advance of me apparently and immediately traveled to purchase/obtain the materials to secure the piping safely, and to provide the water service to Bldg 14F and 14G. They were well prepared this day and performed exactly as scripted, and I’m sure ate lunch in the ditch. They worked past their quitting time even stayed for few minutes after the water was turned on to inspect. This was a tense situation at 2pm with the users on-site, watching and nervous. They handled it perfectly.
Without this immediate action and resolve the water service to 2 occupied animal facilities would have been delayed for many, many more hours.
Please reward; Mike P, James (he should get double), and the rest of the guys in the ditch that day.
They really saved the day.