Ijust want to extend my appreciation to Kent Island Mechanical and its employees, who did a wonderful job for ORF/MSB at National Institutes of Health. Their crew worked on a steam expansion joint for us recently that was leaking and causing steam and condensate to heat up the B2 level of the Super Corridor Project. This stopped their project from moving forward and their crews from completing work for NIH. The Kent Island crew; Albert League, Stephen Campbell, Anthony Harman, Jake Powers, Shawn Walsh, Mike Zimmerman, Adam Klein, Joe and Matthew Stafford and Travis Everett came in and removed the old joint and replaced it with a new expansion joint which required a lot of welding that needed to be done. This team was professional and handled the job with passion and commitment in making sure that NIH would have minimum down time of the steam utility, making sure that maintenance could provide heating and steam service to equipment that needed it for the research and hospital community in Old Building 10. I just want to make sure that Maintenance and the Facility Managers extend this letter of special thanks and appreciation out to the Kent Island crew, who provided us with such great service and professionalism, which we always receive from these employees of yours on any job that he does for Maintenance Support Branch (MSB) in the Clinical Center. We thank you for providing support to the Maintenance Support Branch when we needed an extra hand.