It is my pleasure to provide Kent Island Mechanical with a letter of recommendation based on their present and past performances for mechanical services of all types of facilities ranging from Biosaftey Levels Laboratories (BSL – 2,3 and 4); animal facilities; hospital and healthcare facilities, mechanical systems upgrades/ replacements renovations and alterations projects I can further state, I have been involved with working directly with Mark Bowen, President of Kent Island Mechanical for all these types of projects for over 15 years now and I’ve been extremely satisfied with the level of expertise and performance he has always provided to the NIH. Mark is also very familiar with the NI Design Policy and Guidelines, which is very beneficial to assure us that even if the design didn’t include requirement, Mark has requested RFIs during the BID phase in previous projects to be certain this is what NIH really wanted. It’s second means of quality control by knowing what the guidelines and standards are. Please feel free to share the information with.