Iwould like to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we all are to have worked with Kent Island Mechanical on the 5C127 project. Some of the KIM key personnel were Kyle Benjamin – PM, Mike Pistorio – Pluming superintendent, Bobby Linton – Sheet Metal Superintendent, Adam Kline – Sheet Metal foreman, Tim Gehring – Safety Manager.Our expectations on 5C127 project were very high in order to achieve the end result with no safety issues and complete in a timely manner. The time allowed to complete the project was tight with not much time to install materials once the long lead items were receive.The new exhaust duct located in the shaft was one of those tasks which had a lot of eyes on it. Your supervisors and crew handle this task like a well oiled machine. We could not get NIH materials out of the caged areas fast enough to stay in front of staging the planking and duct installation. A detailed safety plan was required to be reviewed by OMS and NIH before work could commence in the shaft. This was provided in great detail and in a timely manner by Kent Islands Safety Manager.It was very important to finish the project on a good note so that OMS could be considered for more work in the future. Mr. Bowen the entire OMS team regards Kent Island Mechanical as a preferred contractor on any future projects. Many thanks to you and all your team members.